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Join the Biggest blockchain gaming Network By Holding and staking your FUNJO coins. Enjoy staking rewards, Funjo decentralized exchange and participate in Gaming Contests.

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Earn 250% Rewards

By staking FUNJO, you earn 250% of returns from 3 types of reward program

5% Instant reward

Get 5% of FUNJO Rewards if your direct referral stakes FUNJO in system

50 Level Rewards

Get FUNJO Staking rewards upto 50 level on self staking from 100 to 10000 FUNJO

Re-Stake & Withdraw

After reaching 250% total income, restake your FUNJO or withdraw to FUNJO wallet

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A well designed and lucrative program for all FUNJO Coin holders. The Staking allows you to hold your tokens and earn more FUNJO effortlessly.

Staking is important to HOLD the token and that will increase the market value and demand of coin. Trade FUNJO for higher prices.

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We are a rapidly growing community with a Big Vision and Targets to achieve

50 $

Target Price

400 +

Blockchain Games

10 M

Funjo Community

Funjo Products & Services

Entering the Decentralized Financing with Powerful and Effective Service

Funjo Blockchain Gaming

Collaborative space for developers to develop and deploy blockchain based games

Funjo Blockchain

Private Ledger of Funjo Coin that stores all transaction though miners Proof of work

Funjo Coin

The Native Coin of Funjo Ecosystem to provides a tokenized economy.

Funjo Decentralized Exchange

A Decentralized token swapping platform, allows users to do instant exchange of Defi tokens

Funjo Pay

A Payment gateway / wallet of Funjo that allows to pay for Utility and transaction fees

Funjo Community

The fastest growing group community of Developers, players and

Benefits of Joining Funjo Community

Its not just about Gaming and Blockchain it's also about Self Determination

Participate Game Contest
Hosted by Gaming partners
Enter Blockchain Gaming
Be an early part of the future
Earn Money
Stake, Hold and Trade Funjo
Enter the DeFi Space
Explore the Crpto world
Be Professional
Designing the Crypto space
Win Rewards
Stake, Share and Enjoy
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Funjo Community

A Professional Community of Blockchai Experts, Developers, Gamers and Crypto Traders. Join the future with our 1,00,000+ members and enjoy the platform benefits unlimited

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It's crafted with the latest trend of Gamming & coded with all modern approaches. It's a robust & multi-dimensional usable coin.

Sep 15, 2020

Funjo Coin Earning Programs.

To Start with MyFunjo helping program, please buy your initial FUNJO coins ...

Sep 21, 2020

Welcome to MyFunjo

Blockchain Helping Platform for Gaming Industry

Sep 29, 2020

Funjo coin is a TRC-10 Fujo Blockchain Native...

the Coin powers the whole ecosystem and will be listed on Major...

Join the Biggest blockchain gaming Network By Holding and staking your FUNJO coins

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